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Generations United gratefully acknowledges The Eisner Foundation for its support of this Toolkit.

Very special thank you to Nancy Z. Henkin, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Generations United for her dedicated and exceptional work researching and writing the Toolkit.

Thanks to the following members of our Advisory Committee and Kitchen Cabinet*, whose knowledge, experience, insights, and examples were invaluable in the development of this Toolkit.

We also extend our thanks to others in the intergenerational field who shared their expertise related to specific topic areas:

Finally, this Toolkit would not exist without the ongoing support and coordination provided by Generations United staff Donna Butts, Emily Patrick, and Sheri Steinig.

Web site design: Six Half Dozen

Preferred citation:

Henkin, N. (2021). Sharing Our Space: A Toolkit for Developing and Enhancing Intergenerational Shared Sites. Generations United.